Just Flight - DC-3 - Legends of Flight Demo

Just Flight - DC-3 - Legends of Flight Demo 1.0

This package features the DC-3 in seven classic airlines, as well as two C-47
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The DC-3 was always the aircraft that manufacturers wanted to replace with something better and more modern but the DC-3 performed so well that a viable replacement wasn't easy to produce - hence the saying, “The only aircraft to replace a DC-3 is another DC-3.”
This fantastic package features the Douglas DC-3 in seven classic airline liveries, as well as two USAAF C-47 transports and an RAF Dakota. Also included are the AC-47 gunship, which saw service in the Vietnam war, and a fully flyable Waco CG-4A glider!
The aircraft exteriors and virtual cockpits are all modelled to the highest level of detail, and civilian passenger cabins and military cargo holds are modelled with appropriate animations - suitably dressed stewardesses and crew vehicles for the airliners, and cargo and troops in the military transports.
Fly the many variants of a true Legend of Flight!

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